FurMIT 2023 毛斯維加斯 X 尚順育樂天地

Special Events

本次FurMIT 2023 毛斯維加斯將繼續 與尚順育樂天地合作,於7/08-7/09 活動期間,可以自由於「尚順育樂天地」盡情出毛拍照!

FurMIT 2023 Bet On MIT will continue its collaboration with Shang Shun Theme Park.
From July 8th to July 9th, attendees are welcome to freely wear their fursuits and take photos at “Shang Shun Theme Park.” This includes Tom’s World, who is also permitted to wear a fursuit for the occasion.




During the event period, participants can enjoy free rides on the following designated attractions by presenting their “participation pass”:

1st Floor: Carousel
4th Floor: Bumper Cars
5th Floor: Hammerhead Coffee Cups


  1. 尚順育樂天地僅提供7/08-7/09兩日營業時間讓毛毛們前往拍照,請務必配戴參加證讓工作人員進行識別。
  2. 須配合現場工作人員的引導以及遵守設施的規範才能搭乘。
  3. 搭乘非指定設施之費用,由參加者自行支付。
  4. 若貴賓之扮裝經工作人員判斷會影響設施之運作者,恕無法穿著搭乘。
  5. 請留意自身身體健康狀況,若有身體不適者請勿搭乘遊樂設施。
  6. 本次活動僅開放尚順育樂天地可以穿毛,尚順購物中心並未開放。
  7. 若經育樂天地工作人員回報有違反規定之參加者,情節嚴重者主辦方有權力要求離場,且未來不得參與FurMIT及台灣毛毛文化交流協會舉辦/協辦之任何活動。
  8. 不論是任何狀況,主辦方有資格判定情勢及保留規則變更的權力。
  1. Shang Shun Theme Park is only open for the two days of July 8th and July 9th for fursuit photography. Participants must wear their participation pass for identification purposes.

  2. Participants must follow the guidance of on-site staff and adhere to the regulations of the facilities in order to ride the attractions.

  3. The cost of riding non-designated attractions is the responsibility of the participant.

  4. Participants may not wear their fursuit for rides if it is deemed by staff to be detrimental to the operation of the facility.

  5. Please be mindful of your physical well-being. Individuals who are unwell should refrain from riding the attractions.

  6. This event only permits fursuiting at Shang Shun Theme Park. Shang Shun Shopping Center is not involved in this activity.

  7. In the event of any participant violating the rules, as reported by staff at the Shang Shun Theme Park, the organizers reserve the right to request their departure. Additionally, such individuals may be barred from participating in any future activities organized or co-organized by FurMIT and Taiwan Furry Culture Exchange Association.

  8. The organizers hold the authority to assess the situation and modify the rules as necessary.