FurMIT 2023 鄰近配合飯店


苗栗縣, 台灣​


3/5 21:00 - 5/10 23:59​

FurMIT 專案價格與訂房



床型大小:二大床/ 180 x 200 cm

7/07 5000元
7/08 5500元
7/09 5000元




Reservation Policy

  1. 選擇抽籤行政房的參加者,將會統一於下週四(3/23)晚上透過EMAIL寄送是否中籤的通知,中籤的參加者請務必於信件的指定時間內將升等的費用付至指定的帳戶,即完成升等手續;未中籤者仍可住原預訂的一般房間。
  2. 不需要完成報名手續即可預訂房間,僅須完成註冊帳號即可預訂。
  3. 由於房間僅保留給參加者預訂,預訂完房間後請記得於5/07 23:59之前完成報名手續,否則會無法保留訂房。
  4. 若您要預訂的房間日期已經額滿,您可以填寫房間候補表單,FurMIT工作小隊將會依照填寫順序依序聯繫。
  5. 本次除了主會場飯店之外,將會有額外的合作飯店以及接駁車運行,資訊會陸續公布。
  6. 預訂到房間之後,請務必於繳費期限內完成繳費,否則訂房會被自動取消並釋出。
  7. 本次活動參加者/住宿者均可以免費停車,但因飯店停車系統更新尚未確認折抵方式,會於之後再公布相關資訊。
  8. 此次活動飯店預訂與前次不同,需全額付款才算完成訂房。
  9. 由於本次訂房專案為FurMIT工作小隊與飯店所簽約之專案,恕無法個別開立統一發票。
  10. 若要取消訂房,請直接聯繫FurMIT工作小隊,並會依照以下規範退款:
  1. Participants who choose to enter the lottery for an upgraded executive room will receive notification by EMAIL on the following Thursday (3/23) regarding whether or not they were selected. Those who are selected must pay the upgrade fee to the designated account within the specified time in the email to complete the upgrade procedure.
  2. Room reservations can be made without completing the registration process, only account registration is required.
  3. As rooms are reserved only for participants, please remember to complete the registration process before 23:59 on May 7th after booking the room; otherwise, the reservation cannot be guaranteed.
  4. If the dates for the room you want to book are already fully booked, you can fill out a room waitlist form, and the FurMIT working team will contact you in the order in which you filled out the form.
  5. In addition to the main venue hotel, there will be additional cooperative hotels and shuttle buses operating during the event. More information will be announced soon.
  6. After booking a room, please make sure to pay within the payment deadline. Otherwise, the room reservation will be automatically cancelled and released.
  7. Free parking is available for event participants/accommodations, but the discount method is still being updated in the hotel parking system, and related information will be announced later.
  8. Unlike the previous event, full payment is required to complete the hotel reservation this time.
  9. As this hotel reservation project is a contract signed between the FurMIT working team and the hotel, individual invoices cannot be issued.
  10. If you need to cancel the reservation, please contact the FurMIT working team directly, and refunds will be made according to the following guidelines:
  11. Cancel before April 16: 10% handling fee and a transfer fee of 15 TWD will be deducted, and the remaining full amount will be refunded.
    Cancel from April 16 to April 30: 50% handling fee and a transfer fee of 15 TWD will be deducted, and the remaining full amount will be refunded.
    No refunds will be given after May 1.



品牌名稱 樓層位置 優惠內容
瓦城泰式料理 飯店棟1F 憑參加證可享9折優惠
涓豆腐 飯店棟1F 憑參加證消費即贈「黃金酥炸嫩豆腐」乙份
魔法咖哩 飯店棟2F 憑參加證可享95折優惠
極野宴燒肉.火鍋專門店-二代目 飯店棟2F 憑參加證可享吃到飽95折優惠
喬義思choice 窯烤手作廚房 飯店棟2F 憑參加證可享9折優惠
點心坊飲茶餐廳 飯店棟2F 憑參加證可享9折優惠
皇廚一品 飯店棟3F 憑參加證可享9折優惠
陳記木桶燒 飯店棟3F 憑參加證消費即贈「美國脆薯」乙份
MR.石鍋 飯店棟3F 憑參加證9折優惠
水月和洋料理 飯店棟3F 憑參加證消費即贈主廚小菜乙份
JAMBU南洋料理 飯店棟3F 憑參加證95折優惠
咖哩老大 育樂1F 憑參加證可享9折優惠
MoYiJa聚餐 韓式部隊鍋吃到飽 育樂1F 憑參加證可享9折優惠