FurMIT 2023 競標品募集

FurMIT 2023 Application for Auctions

本次FurMIT2023 誠摯邀請各位貴賓參與競標大會,貴賓們可將自身創作(範例如下)放置在競標會場,讓活動的貴賓一同競標,體驗競標的刺激與樂趣!

Dear guests,We sincerely invite you to participate in the auction at FurMIT2023. You can place your own creations (examples listed below) at the auction venue for the guests to bid on and experience the excitement and fun of auctioning.


  1. 限量YCH競標。
  2. 各類委託競標(頭像/半身/全身/背景/厚塗等等)。
  3. 毛裝競標。
  4. 毛裝委託競標。
  5. 與獸文化相關之飾品、布偶。
  6. 已繪製完成之各類型美術產品。(EX:掛軸、海報等)
  7. 毛裝相關配件。


  1. 請提供競標品簡單介紹,屆時將會於粉絲專頁中做宣傳,提供競標品的貴賓須完成報名毛斯維加斯。
  2. 競標品須與獸元素相關。
  3. 每位貴賓能提供多件競標品至競標會。
  4. 若競標會報名踴躍,FurMIT工作小隊會依情況提早結束募集。
  5. 競標品會由FurMIT工作小隊進行審核。
  6. 競標品的相關資訊最晚請於【6月/4日(週日) 23:59】完成提供。
  7. 若有任何問題,請透過[[email protected]]或是粉絲專頁與我們聯繫。
  8. FurMIT2023-毛斯維加斯保有最終修改、變更·活動解釋及取消本活動之權利。


Examples of auction items:

  1. Limited YCH auction.
  2. Various commissioned auctions (avatars/half-body/full-body/background/thick paint, etc.).
  3. Furry costume auction.
  4. Commissioned furry costume auction.
  5. Accessories and plushies related to the furry culture.
  6. Various completed art products (e.g. hanging scrolls, posters, etc.).
  7. Furry costume-related accessories.

<Auction Rules>

  1. Please provide a brief introduction to your auction items. The introduction will be promoted on the Facebook page. Guests who provide auction items must complete registration for FurMIT Bet On MIT.
  2. The auction items must be related to furry elements.
  3. Each guest can provide multiple auction items for the auction.
  4. If there is a high number of registrations for the auction, the FurMIT Work Team may end the registration period early depending on the situation.
  5. The FurMIT Work Team will review the auction items.
  6. The relevant information for the auction items must be provided no later than June 4th (Sunday) 23:59.
  7. If you have any questions, please contact us through [email protected] or our Facebook page.
  8. FurMIT2023 – Bet On MIT reserves the right to modify, change, interpret and cancel the event.

Guests who provide auction items will not only have their information included in the program as a thank you, but will also have their items promoted on the Facebook page.