FurMIT 2023

黏黏滑滑的甜蜜束縛 / Eek! Slime Trap!



Panel 內容

“膠獸、黏液、史萊姆!日系RPG的定番,漆彈大作戰的基礎。StickySlime致力於推廣 Messy / Slime 的遊玩,這裡我們介紹其歷史、各國風格與國際活動,也解答大家在遊玩上對製作、清潔與毛毛保護上的疑慮,歡迎一起來黏嗒嗒!
Welcome to StickySlime! Our panel is excited to introduce you to the fun world of “”Messy”” and “”Slime””. We’ll take you through its history, global events, and various styles. Additionally, we’ll show you how easy it is to DIY your own slime,
as well as tips on how to clean it up and protect your furry friends!”